Benefits for Employers

As with their employees, an employer can realize a significant and rewarding return on their "employee benefit investment" through enriching their overall benefit package. Chief among these advantages are:

Valuable Service
Offering voluntary benefit programs to your employees is a valuable service you can provide without impacting your organization's bottom line. By allowing Employee Security Plans to handle your communication and enrollment functions, virtually the only time you'll be required to spend is in setting up the initial program and conducting employee meetings.

Competitive Advantage
Benefit programs are becoming increasingly important to employers for attracting and retaining high-quality employees. Your organization can enhance its benefit program by using voluntary plans to expand options or fill gaps in existing coverage.

People Power
Employee Security Plans presents your organization's communication and enrollment process to employees during one-on-one meetings by licensed, educated representatives whose focus is on providing an educational foundation. That way, employees have the information they require to make needs-based decisions on which coverage options are appropriate for them.

Enhanced Employee Awareness
During the communication process, Employee Security Plans focuses on your organization's existing benefit plans, and how the new voluntary benefits can supplement and round out their current benefits to form a complete, customized benefit package. By educating employees on the value of their benefit package, they become more aware and appreciate of the total compensation provided to them by the organization. This, in turn, can lead to increased participation in before-tax benefits such as employee flexible spending accounts and 401(k) plans.

Many of the voluntary employee benefit programs ESP presents offer employees the option to continue their coverage when they retire or leave the organization. This option is becoming more attractive to employees because current trends show that more and more people have a need for benefits that continue even after they leave the workforce.

No direct cost to the employer
Voluntary employee benefits provide attractive benefit options for employees at virtually no additional cost and minimal administrative involvement for employers - 100% of the direct cost for voluntary employee benefits is paid by the employee. With Employee Security Plans, the time for employee meetings and the initial program setup is the employer's primary contribution.

Minimal work disruption
Our benefit counselors work within the scheduling parameters that work for you. It takes approximately fifteen minutes with each employee to explain and enroll a benefit.

Meaningful technology
The end of the benefit communication process doesn't mean the end of the services that we can provide. Employee Security Plans can work with you to tailor a technology solution that addresses the enrollment, reporting and administration for select or all employee benefits.

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